Where can I spend my PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers?
PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers are accepted in PizzaExpress restaurants throughout the UK where they accept GBP sterling and can be used like cash to pay for all goods found in-store. Unfortunately, we cannot take payment online just yet.

How do I spend my PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers?
Simply show your mobile phone with the text message within the PizzaExpress at the till when making your purchase to redeem your vouchers.

How do I contact PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers about my online order?
You can contact us via our Help & Contact Page or call our Customer Service team on 020 3798 9090. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 8:30-7pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm. Please note that we are not available on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

How will I know when my order is processed?
As soon as you place your order you will receive an e-mail from us to confirm your order, with details of the eGift Voucher, date it was sent or the scheduled delivery date if you have chosen this option.

How are PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers delivered?
The recipient will be sent a Free text message to their mobile phone. It will contain a unique PizzaExpress eGift Voucher code, the eGift value, the sender’s personal message, expiry date and where the Voucher can be redeemed.

When will my PizzaExpress eGift Voucher be delivered?
When you place an order you will have the option of sending the eGift immediately or by selecting a date and time that the eGift will be sent. Text messages will be delivered between 8am – 8.45pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays.

How will I know that the PizzaExpress eGift Voucher has been delivered to the mobile phone?
We send a confirmation email to the purchaser as soon as we receive confirmation that the Text message has been delivered to the mobile phone by the mobile phone operator.

What happens if the PizzaExpress eGift is not delivered to the mobile phone?
We monitor the delivery of the eGift to the mobile phone. If we receive a notification from the mobile phone operator that they have not been able to deliver the eGift we will contact the purchaser by email asking them to contact Customer Services.

Can I send an eGift Voucher for same day delivery?
Yes, you can send an eGift to be delivered the same day, providing your order is completed on the PizzaExpress Gift website between 8am – 8.45pm. Orders placed after 8.45pm will be delivered 8am the next day.

Who can I send eGift Vouchers to?
Anyone that has a mobile phone number with a UK number (starting with 07xxx xxx xxx)

I have received a £50 PizzaExpress eGift voucher; do I have to spend it all in one transaction?
No. If you used your £50 eGift to pay for £30 worth of goods, you will automatically be sent a text with a new PizzaExpress eGift for the £20 balance.

When I send a PizzaExpress Voucher does it cost the person receiving it any money?
No, the text message is free and there are no delivery or administration costs.

What if I've made a mistake on my order?
If you have made a mistake on your order, please ring our helpline 020 3798 9090 and we will do our best to correct it for you.

Do PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers have an expiry date?
Yes, PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers have a 24 MONTHS expiry date and should be used within this timeframe.

What will appear on my credit card statement?
Your credit card statement will read TBC and the charge will be in GBP sterling.

Can I order large quantities of PizzaExpress eGift Vouchers?
It is possible to order large quantities of eGift Vouchers. Please call our helpline on 020 3798 9090.